Tru -Fi Rehearsal Studio

photoOur rehearsal studio came from a desire to build the finest, cleanest, warmest, most professional rehearsal space in Maine. Tru-Fi is a one room, private facility that has the best gear, PA, stage area, and lounge available. AC/heat included. Open 24/7. We have had numerous local and touring bands visit and stay with us.

Rates (in a month)
2 hours for $50 ($25 per hour)
8 or more hours per month ($20 per hour)

Aren’t you tired of lugging gear around? Tired of wasting time for set-up? Tired of hearing “TURN IT DOWN”?

Well, NO MORE! Arrive, plug in, make music, make progress, get better, and have some fun! From local musicians to touring bands, Tru-Fi Rehearsal is at your disposal.

photoWhatever your needs are hourly, weekly, monthly, just give us a call or send us an e-mail. We have the space to store your gear as well.

Tour Busses are welcome!

Call or email Ted Rasch ( to reserve a time.

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